SAFETY TRAINING for Equipment Operators

Chainsaw Training Course Perth

AHCMOM213  Operate and maintain chainsaws

FWPCOT2238  Cut materials with a hand held chainsaw


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Location and Frequency

Courses are scheduled every Friday,  through our partner, A Plus Training Solutions,  or can be conducted on the client’s premises (please contact Equip-Safe for on-site pricing). Attendees are encouraged to bring their own saws and equipment if they own them, but Equip-Safe has access to all the chainsaws, tools and safety equipment that is required.


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Duration and Costs

One day training and assessment – $290.00


Chainsaw Training Course Content

The practical component of this chainsaw training includes completing a Risk Analysis for the operation of the chainsaw, completing the pre operational checks in line with site procedures / operator’s manual, demonstrate knowledge of the operating controls of the chainsaw, and then conducting chainsaw maintenance and chainsaw operation.

  • Duty of Care of all people in the workplace (hazard identification and control measures, complete a risk assessment for the chainsaw tasks
  • Operate as per manufacturer’s instruction


  • Inspect and clean air filter
  • Remove guide bar and chain, clean and inspect
  • Clean and inspect powerhead
  • Invert guide bar, replace chain and guide bar
  • Tension chain correctly
  • Sharpen chain
  • Inspect depth gauges and adjust if required
  • Safe re-fuelling and fill guide bar oil


  • Correct PPE
  • Correct starting
  • Identify pinch points
  • Safe cross-cutting
  • Safe cutting techniques


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