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Location and Frequency

Courses can only be conducted on client’s premises.

Duration and Costs

One day training and assessment for experienced operators. Please contact Equip-Safe to discuss options and for on-site training costs.

Skid Steer Loader Training Course Content

The practical component conducted on client’s premises includes completing a Risk Analysis for the operation of the skid steer loader, completing the pre operational checks in line with site procedures / operator’s manual, demonstrate knowledge of the main operating controls of the skid steer loader, and then operating the skid steer loader to:

  • Push soil up
  • Fill bucket efficiently
  • Dump soil/material on a pile
  • Spread bucket/s of soil/material
  • Level the soil/material
  • Load a truck or hopper (if applicable)
  • Conduct routine checks
  • Plan work
  • Check controls and equipment
  • Shift load
  • Shut down equipment and secure site
  • Duty of care of all people in the workplace
  • Operate as per manufacturer’s instructions (operator’s manual)
  • Hazard identification and control measures (complete a risk assessment for the skid steer loader)

Construction Training Fund Rebate

The Construction Training Fund provides funding support for training of eligible workers in the construction industry. We acknowledge the support of the Construction Training Fund in reducing the costs of training for eligible workers.

Eligible companies/individuals must be:

  • Directly employed in the building and construction industry in Western Australia construction companies undertaking projects in Western Australia
  • Self-employed and undertaking work which is directly involved in the construction process

Where eligibility of an applicant is in question the Training Fund will seek evidence of eligibility via review of a detailed, recent work history.

Unemployed participants:

If an individual is unemployed at the time of undertaking a short course recognised by the Training Fund, they must be able to:

  • Demonstrate that they were directly employed in the construction industry in Western Australia for a minimum of six months, within 6 months prior to the date of course commencement; or if no recent work experience is involved have written evidence of a relevant employment offer from an eligible company or contractor in the construction industry prior to making a claim.

Please visit the Construction Training Fund website for further information

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